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More and more elderly people need help. Digitization is one of the central developments of our time. The changes associated with digitization affect not only a subgroup, but all members of the
Company. However, for most people, including many older people, it is no longer comprehensible how to use a cell phone, tablet, computer, printer, let alone the software

(MS Office) configured and installed. One can imagine digitization and its consequences
hardly withdraw. Much information is now inaccessible without access to the Internet, and more and more services can only be accessed via the Internet.

We help you  during digitization and initial installation.

Computer, notebook, tablet, smartphone, printer and software (MS Office). If you wish, we can also configure your personal e-mail address and help you with the selection of the app.    


our prices
CHF 0.90 per kilometer
Digitization service:
CHF 45.00 per hour
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