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A professional CV is the basis of every successful application.

It is not easy to stand out from the mass of competitors with your application and to be perceived positively.
Creating a professional resume takes a lot of experience, practice and skill. Hardly anyone has these qualities and the necessary know-how.
Even if you could convince in a personal interview, the CV must be able to speak for itself and be convincing long beforehand.
A successful CV is always the best door opener to an interview.
Together with the letter of application, the CV is the only way to draw attention to yourself and have a positive influence in the early application phase.

In addition to qualifications and professional experience, the first impression of the application documents is also decisive in determining whether someone is perceived as an interesting candidate.

There is no second chance for the first impression.

Many recruiters and hiring managers are of the opinion:
"Anyone who doesn't make an effort when applying for a job won't make any effort in the job either."
With a CV in a professional design, you show at first glance that you work in a particularly structured, organized and conscientious manner and that you are serious about the job.
Adapt your CV individually to the advertised position in order to score even more points.
A supplementary short profile with the most important qualifications rounds off the perfect CV.

It's that easy:

Send us your current CV with a profile picture. Based on your background, we will create a new layout in consultation with you. You have access to your new CV at any time. This way you can later make changes yourself for free.

We write your CV
tailored to the job profile and yours
You lean back...

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